Thumbplay News


NY Times/GigaOM (Paul Bonanos) 3/4/10

“The company’s deep mobile experience is one key differentiator that sets it apart.”

“…given its large installed base and understanding of mobile behavior, don’t count Thumbplay out.”

GigaOM (Paul Bonanos) 3/17/10

“Existing mobile business, install base provide unique advantages.”

Time Magazine’s Techland (Peter Ha) 2/23/10

“I was pleasantly surprised. Primarily because the app syncs with the desktop portal and caches your playlists so you can still listen to them even when your device isn't connected. Neat, right? It is. Trust me.”

Wall Street Journal’s All Things D (Peter Kafka) 3/1/2010

“The service passes the subway/airplane/”OMG I hate my wireless company” test.”

“The main difference between Thumbplay and everyone else is that it’s kicking off its launch by targeting Research in Motion’s BlackBerry users, who have pretty much been ignored by music services to date.” (Paul Bonanos) 3/17/10

But why is MOG missing the first two Tom Petty albums, while Thumbplay has them all?"

CNET (Matt Rosoff) 3/4/10

“Sound quality was very good, and I didn't notice any audible differences when testing it over AT&T's 3G service versus my home Wi-Fi network”

“I was also impressed with the speed of sync between the desktop and BlackBerry versions of the app. Whenever I created or updated a playlist in one place, it was almost immediately updated in the other. This is one of the greatest benefits of using a cloud-based music service, and it's nice to see it working so well here.”

“There's also a nifty "save offline" feature, which lets you cache playlists on the phone so you can play them when you're away from a wireless connection--great for subway commutes or plane trips.”

Digital Music News (Paul Resnikoff) 3/2/10

“In dead zones, one simple solution is to jump into a cached selection, which Thumbplay Music makes easy. Even auto-playlists can be saved ahead-of-time for later access, and Thumbplay performed quite solidly on a coast-to-coast plane ride.”

Blackberry Insight 1/14/10

“The application truly has the potential to completely revolutionize the experience of listening to music.”

Crenk (Steven Finch) 1/14/10

“The desktop version is currently running on Adobe Air and I must admit it looks very slick!”

BerryReview (Ronen Halevy) 1/14/10

“I got a preview of the upcoming Thumbplay music store that really impressed me. It let you download music OTA to your device with great quality. It worked like a charm on my Bold and let me listen to snippets of each song. It also had great search capabilities like searching by artist or album and drill down options.”

Mobiletor 1/13/10

“Music enthusiasts may be seen pleased as punch on hearing this bit of news.”

“The Thumbplay Music app offers music fiends a quick, intuitive way to build a personal music collection that automatically synchronizes between smartphones and the desktop app.”

Crackberry (Kevin Michaluk) 1/11/10

Looks like a pretty compelling offer for music lovers.”

“One of the most complete in terms of what you get - basically every song you can possibly want to listen to, on demand.”

MobileApptitude (Will Easton) 9/25/09

“So far, I’m pretty impressed.”

I4U (Robert Evans) 9/2/09

“If you're using a BlackBerry or an Android phone and want a place to fill your hard drive up with tunes at a fair price, Thumbplay offers an excellent service.”



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