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Mobile entertainment service Thumbplay is making its content library available to Cellular South-supported phones.

The carrier’s subscribers will have access to Thumbplay content on the Cellular South on-deck portal. Cellular South customers will now be able to browse, buy and download Thumbplay content.

“Basically our goal is to help consumers get the most out of their wireless devices,” said Wade Smith, senior manager of product development and management at Cellular South, Ridgeland, MS. “What better way to do that than engage them with one of the nation’s largest content providers?

“We will have a link on our main WAP page,” he said. “I think this is more about helping consumers use their more phones.

"Ultimately, we think this will lead to more data consumption.”

Both companies claim this is the first time a U.S. wireless carrier has engaged a direct-to-consumer content provider to populate its on-deck portal.

Thumbplay offers more than 100,000 pieces of licensed content including music, videos and games that will be available for purchase by Cellular South customers either a la carte or via subscription-based credits.

Featuring music, videos and games, Thumbplay’s direct-to-consumer service is accessible on more than 2,000 devices among every major carrier in the U.S.

Thumbplay features licensed music, video and gaming content from some of the world’s largestentertainment companies, including EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and Sony Pictures Television.

Thumbplay’s mobile entertainment catalog is integrated into Clear Channel Radio, AOL and MSN Mobile sites, as well as, one of the Web’s social music discovery services.
Cellular South is a privately-owned mobile communications company.

“This is an exciting partnership for us because we can offer Cellular South customers Thumbplay games, ringtones and images,” said Evan Schwartz, chief marketing officer and cofounder of Thumbplay, New York.

“This is a great way for subscribers to be able to discover new content,” he said. “Although there is no advertising for the partnership, Thumbplay does ads on our Web and WAP pages.
“Cellular South is promoting this in-store to get people excited about their new handsets and to drive more data consumption.”

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